About us & what we do......

  • We will introduce ourselves in a professional, curteous manner. The van is currently not signwritten (lots of customers say they prefer this) so we will make ourselves known who we are (HotBox Oven Cleaning, South Wales)
  • We will ask to be introduced to your Oven/Hob/Extractor that requires the attention
  • We will then talk you through the process, and how long we envisage the Oven Clean to take, normally 1-2 hours for a Single Oven, 2 hours for a Double Oven etc
  • Before commencing any work, we put down a protective layer to prevent any debris from the Oven Clean, coming into contact with your floor where possible. Remember, we DON'T use any harsh chemicals, caustics or hazardous materials in the cleaning process, the protection is solely to limit the carbon/debris fallout 
  • The first step of the process, is to remove any parts of your Oven which are removable, this does two things, a) it allows better access to the more inaccesible parts of your oven, and b) those removable parts can be placed in the specifically designed, van mounted, heated dip tank where appropriate (not all materials can be treated in this way) The more common items to go in the tank are - Oven Racks, removable shelf supports, internal side panels, back panels, fan covers, grill pan and tray. These items get a heated treatment, which cuts down on the processing time
  • The door will be removed, and placed to one side for cleaning later (its usually the last part to clean)
  • Then comes the handwork! We don't use steam, just pure elbow grease! 
  • We use a portable LED light to illuminate the inside of your oven during the clean, therefore eliminating the need to use any of the functions of your oven i.e your oven light 
  • Once the inside of your oven is cleaned, its given the once over with a degreaser and buffed with a microfibre cloth
  • Your Oven door is then split to clean between the panels. It's only by doing this, we can achieve the deep clean we set out to give your oven. You will be amazed how much build up we have seen in places you never knew existed! 
  • It's at this point we go to work on your glass, which believe it or not, can sometimes take longer to clean than the inside of your oven! No abrasives are used when cleaning the oven glass, this obvioulsy eliminates the possibility of scratches, swirl marks etc 
  • Your oven door is then put back together with care after the clean
  • Your bits that have been sitting in a nice hot bath, are then reintroduced to your oven, after being rinsed and wiped. (It's normally at this point  the customers get their WOW moment! ;-) )
  • The oven door seals are then cleaned, the door replaced, the outside cleaned (including removing the control knobs etc)
  • Thats it! Another successful Oven Clean from HotBox Oven Cleaning - South Wales!