Only £39 for a Single Oven

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We are a small, family run, Oven Cleaning business based in Aberdare, but cover the whole of South Wales! HotBox Oven Cleaning, remember the name! 

We use van mounted, heated dip tanks to ensure thorough cleaning of your oven and its removable components. Everything we use in the cleaning of your appliance is non caustic, therefore, can be used immediately after cleaning with no nasty chemical residue or smells


South Wales Oven Cleaning

In our years of cleaning ovens across the whole of South Wales, we have seen ovens and hobs in every conceivable condition! However, every oven holds the same challenges, and this is why we love what we do! We go in to the same level of detail with every oven we clean, this is how we have built up the client base and reputation that we have. We do not use any off the shelf chemicals during the process, for many reasons. They are expensive, they are smelly, you still have to put in the hard work, and more importantly, they don't work! 

We offer a range of oven cleaning services, from your Single Oven (£39), to Aga's and Range's. Each clean takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours for a Single Oven, due to the level of detail we go in to! This may seem like a long time to some customers, but we are regularly told that what we achieve in that time is nothing short of incredible. We require no use of your facilities to conduct the oven clean (running water, sink etc), and we always leave your kitchen exactly how we found it! Just with the addition of a superbly cleaned oven! :-) 


Our regular customers tend to get us back twice a year, to maintain the standard of the clean, and to prolong the life of your oven.